Wind Farm Planning Advice & Planning Policy Reports

Planning permission is one of two key consents required for a wind farm project. Unlike the grid connection application process, the planning process is within the control of a wind farm developer in that they can decide when an application is submitted and what the application will consist of. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan have a team of highly qualified and experienced planners that can provide advice to wind farm developers at every stage of the planning process.

The planning application process can be lengthy and demanding. The stages normally include pre-planning consultation with the planning authority and other bodies; preparation and lodgement of the planning application; responses to Further Information requests; Appeals to An Bord Pleanála, and Compliance with Conditions.

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan planners can take you and your project through each of these project phases, providing advice at key stages along the way.

We can also prepare Planning Policy Reports for a proposed wind farm project, which provide an assessment of all the planning policies and objectives that are relevant to the proposed wind farm development. This includes an assessment of national and regional policies and objectives, as well as the specific requirements and objectives of the local planning authority. Planning Policy Reports clearly demonstrate that a particular development proposal is in accordance with all relevant policies and objectives at all levels and, in particular, the proposals are not contrary to such policies and objectives.

The planning process can be lengthy and complex, and any proposed wind farm development will benefit from an in-depth knowledge of planning legislation and regulations, as well as the requirements of individual planning authorities. The experienced planners of McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan are ideally placed to perform this role and provide this advice on your wind farm planning application.

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