Wind Farm Planning Policy Submissions

County Development Plans and Wind/Renewable Energy Strategies form the key planning policy framework for wind farm planning applications. Reviews of these plans and strategies give wind farm developers a rare opportunity to make submissions and influence policy. A well pre-prepared submission can play an important role in influencing local planning policy and providing a favourable policy framework for future planning permission applications.

As County Council’s seek to update their renewable energy strategies and associated planning policies, it is vital that wind energy developers make use of these available opportunities to influence policy in favour of their sites and proposed developments.

Development Plans set out the planning authority’s strategy, policies and objectives for its entire area, and may also include specific objectives and policies for wind and renewable energy developments. Plans are the key reference point in assessing all development proposals. During the public consultation stages in the plan review process, it is important to take the opportunity to influence planning policies in favour of wind farm applications, particularly as the new plan will dictate the acceptability or otherwise of all development proposals for a 6 year period.

Our Service
McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan Ltd. can prepare comprehensive submissions to development plans and strategy reviews. All submissions are:
  • Based on extensive planning expertise
  • Professionally Presented
  • Well-Constructed on Sound Planning Rationale
As part of the service, we will:
  • Keep You Informed on Progress with the Plan
  • Facilitate meetings with Council officials if necessary
  • Alert you to future opportunities to make submissions

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