Wind Farm Feasability Studies

A feasibility study is the quick and cost-effective method of determining the potential of a proposed wind farm site. A high-level feasibility study can identify potential constraints that may deem the site to be unsuitable for a wind farm development. The feasibility study could also give the project developer or investors the confidence to invest further time and money in progressing a project to the next phase. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan have carried out feasibility studies for sites nationwide, and have extensive experience in undertaking these high-level assessments.

Wind Farm Feasibility Studies focus on assessing the capacity of a subject site to accommodate a wind farm development, factoring in the potential constraints that might limit the number of wind turbines or restrict the areas of the site in which the turbines might be located.

The scope of a feasibility study can be adjusted to cater for any specific requirements a client might have, but typically consists of the following:

  • General site description, by reference to Ordnance Survey mapping, published aerial photographs, topographical contour maps, and CORINE landcover data
  • Assessment of proximity of site relative to sites designated for nature conservation
  • Identification of site constraints
  • Delineation of “viable area”, the area of the site outside of constrained areas that could be considered viable for the siting of wind turbines
  • Assessment of wind resource within the site
  • Preliminary turbine layout, to estimate the likely number of turbines that the site might accommodate
  • Grid Connection Assessment, to identify a likely route from the site to a suitable connection point with the national grid

The wind farm feasibility study can prove very effective in identifying area for further investigation, and targeting future project expenditure in areas for maximum return.

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