Planning Permission Due Dilligence

Planning permission due diligence is emerging as an important service for wind farm operators and investors as projects go for financing or are bought and sold. Due diligence assessments will identify possible risks, liabilities and delays in development timeframes imposed by a wind farm project’s planning permission.

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can carry out full planning due diligence assessments of existing and permitted wind farm assets. Our experienced team of planning professionals can assess planning conditions attached to permitted wind farms, review all pre-commencement conditions/obligations and identify non-standard or onerous conditions which may complicate operations/construction. Our team of environmental scientists and ecologists can also review any ongoing environmental monitoring obligations (bird surveys, environmental auditing, peat management etc.) that may be required as mitigation measures of an EIS, or conditions of a grant of planning permission.

Windfarm developments by their very nature are dynamic and frequently permitted schemes and/or schemes under construction necessitate modification (or expansion) in order to apply current best practice methods or to accommodate the latest available technologies. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can provide detailed reviews of the implications of any proposed alterations/amendments/extensions and provide a full analysis of planning and environmental requirements.

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can undertake due diligence reviews of live (current) planning applications and proposals that are at the pre-planning stage based on local regional and national planning policy and an assessment of all pertinent environmental factors and designations. Such a review will identify issues that would arise during the application process and provide an assessment of the application and overall project risk.

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