Landscape & Visual Impact Assessments For Wind Farms

The visual impact of a proposed wind farm project is usually one of the main concerns of planning authorities and local residents. A comprehensive and robust landscape and visual impact assessment can greatly assist in demonstrate that a wind farm will not have a significant visual impact, and can be accommodated within the landscape in which it is proposed. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan have extensive experience in undertaking visual impact and landscape character assessments for wind farms, and all manner of developments, and have the necessary expertise to address this subject matter with authority in written reports or pre-planning meetings with Planning Authorities.

A Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment is a comprehensive report that demonstrates how any proposed development will sit into its physical landscape. This is demonstrated though the preparation of photomontages and maps showing the extent over which the proposed development will be visible. The assessment also reviews relevant planning policy to demonstrate the suitability of the scheme within the provisions of the relevant Development Plan or Local Area Plan.

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can carry out a landscape and visual impact assessment as a stand-alone report for presentation to a Planning Authority at the pre-planning stage, or can work as part of a larger project team to undertake the Landscape section of an Environmental Impact Assessment and EIS.

Such reports typically contain a series of photomontages and a zone of visual influence maps accompanied by written descriptions. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan produce ultra-high quality photomontages to portray proposed wind farm projects in the best possible light. The written elements of reports describe the landscape character of the area, and go on to quantify the individual landscape component parts to assess landscape sensitivity.

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