(Packaging) Waste Audits

What are Packaging/Waste Audits?

Packaging Waste Audits are typically carried out to determine if an outlet or business is a ‘Major Producer’ of packaging waste. Companies classified as Major Producers of packaging are those ‘producers’ who annually place more than 10 tonnes of packaging (other than packaging for reuse or export) on the Irish market, and have an annual turnover of more than €1million. Many companies only become aware of their obligations under the legislation upon receipt of letters from their local authority requesting them to assess how their company is in compliance with the legislation.

How can we help?

Waste packaging audits undertaken by McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan, quantify the amount of packaging waste produced by a business in a year. Our simple audit method ensures accurate data with minimal disruption to the business. If a business is deemed to be a major producer, all options for complying with the legislation can be costed, and the full implications of each option explained to the company involved.
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