Planning Phase Project Management

What is Planning Phase Project Management?

Planning Phase Project Management plays an important part of any significant planning application. It co-ordinates all the necessary inputs that are required to be included in the planning application documentation in order to ensure that an agreed programme is met. It includes the supervision of all project team members, such as architects, engineers, ecologists and conservation experts, and ensures open communications between all team members and, if necessary, the planning authority and other statutory bodies.

When is Planning Phase Project Management Used?

Planning Phase Project Management can be used in any planning application process. However, it is most commonly used for large or complex development proposals. These may include significant residential, commercial and mixed use developments and development proposals that require specialist input, such as proposals affecting built or natural heritage sites.

Why is Planning Phase Project Management Important?

The requirements of the planning application process can be complex and wide-ranging. Planning Phase Project Management is important in ensuring that a planning application includes all the necessary documentation, specialist reports and supporting information. It is also important in co-ordinating all the required inputs to ensure that the application is made in accordance with the agreed programme.

What Stages of the Planning Application Process Require Project Management?

The planning application process can be lengthy and demanding. The stages normally include pre-planning consultation with the planning authority and other bodies; preparation and lodgement of the planning application; Response to Further Information requests; Appeals to An Bord Pleanála, and Compliance with Conditions. Planning Phase Project Management is used to co-ordinate all these stages of the process, essentially from inception of design to compliance with planning conditions.

What is the Benefit of Using a Planning Consultant to Project Manage the Planning Phase?

The Project Management of the Planning Phase of a development proposal requires an in depth knowledge of planning legislation and regulations, as well as the requirements of individual planning authorities and other bodies. Experienced planners are ideally placed to perform this role.

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