Water Quality Monitoring

What is water quality monitoring and why is it necessary?
Water Quality is a term used to describe the biological, chemical and physical characteristics of water and its general composition. These attributes affect the water’s suitability for human consumption and its ability to sustain life. Water Quality monitoring is assessing the state of the water and its ecological environment.

How can we help?
McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan have extensive experience in the methodologies and all necessary sampling equipment to ensure that these attributes are carefully monitored throughout a construction project or during the ongoing operations of a facility. Techniques and advice are immediately available to ensure an immediate and effective response to any environmental pollution incident. More importantly, implementation of preventative measures and at-hand advice are the focus for any McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan water quality-monitoring scheme. Every McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan water quality-monitoring programme is carefully designed and made specific to the proposed works and the legislation and guidelines relevant for that development site. In this way, the water quality monitoring schemes are accurate, effective and affordable.
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