Site Supervision

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can assist civil engineering and construction contractors in setting up and maintaining their construction sites in order to minimise the risk of environmental pollution. This can be provided as a stand-alone service, as follow-on to a previously prepared Risk Management Plan, or to run concurrently with an Environmental Auditing programme. The works that require specialist environmental input may include the demolition of old buildings where birds or bats may have to be removed, the installation of silt fences along watercourses, the installation of silt curtains around works within waters, the setup of management systems and settlement ponds for the treatment of silty water on-site, and the installation of tree protection fences. The installed pollution prevention measures can be inspected on a regular basis to be agreed with the site operator, or as part of an Environmental Monitoring programme. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can provide the necessary expertise to manage the environmental portion of a construction site enabling works programme.
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