Environmental Monitoring

What is Environmental Monitoring?
New developments or facilities operating under a licence or permit are often required, in response to planning/license conditions or EIS mitigation measures, to monitor certain environmental parameters in their surrounding environment. The requirement is particularly common where a facility or development is located near or within a protected area, proximate to water bodies or in areas of high amenity. Construction works or the ongoing operations of a facility can impact upon several aspects of the environment, in particular on air, dust, water and noise.

How can we help?
McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can provide the expertise, monitoring instruments, techniques and knowledge required in order to measure the changes in the quality of the environment throughout the construction period and ongoing during the operational phase. By working with site managers, we can offer solutions to possible environmental risks in accordance with the relevant legislation and best practice guidelines. In the form of regular reporting, McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan take responsibility for continuous verification that the environment in question is not being detrimentally effected by the development underway and can provide continuous pollution prevention advice throughout the environmental monitoring period.
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