Dust Monitoring

What is dust monitoring and why is it necessary?
With stricter planning conditions and ever-tightening facility licensing, dust monitoring is more and more often requested at construction sites and licensed facilities for compliance with environmental legislation or operating licenses.

How can we help?
McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan have the relevant skills, equipment and expertise to undertake accurate and reliable dust monitoring. Currently in Ireland there are no statutory limits for dust deposition, however, EPA guidance recommend a maximum level of 350mg/m2 day total dust deposited over 30 days. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan quantifies dust deposition over 30 day periods, using specialised dust gauges installed on the monitored site. Combined with advice on prevention, reduction and mitigation of dust in order to prevent environmental nuisance, McCarthy Keville O'Sullivan work with private clients to ensure dust levels stay within acceptable environmental limits.
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