Project Management

We offer expert client-focused project management services for a wide variety of project types and sizes across a wide range of sectors.

We provide full day to day management of the project through all stages from initial design to project close-out; overseeing Design Team and Contractor activities, and coordinating all interfaces between the project team and both the client organisation and 3rd parties.

We also offer tailored Project Management services for projects where the scale or complexity of the project does not require the more comprehensive service provision. 

We can also adapt the Project Manger role based on the client organisation’s resource availability, experience, and desire to play an active role in the project. For clients where appropriate resources are not available, we can fulfil a broader “Employer’s Agent” role in addition to the Project Manager role.

If engaged from project commencement, we can propose the most appropriate project delivery structure to deliver project success, and ensure that all project participants’ activities are fully aligned to achieve the project goals.

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