Estates & Property Management Advisory Services.

We provide a range of Estates Management or Property Management advisory services to clients such as the owners of multiple properties, or larger / dispersed estates. We develop processes and structures that ensure that Estates Management decisions are underpinned by rigorous appraisal, informed by accurate information, and aligned with the organisation’s strategic goals. Examples include:

  •  Property Purchase or disposals – options appraised and evaluated
  •  Capital investment decision processes
  • Maintenance & Repairs budgeting – short and long-term requirements
  •  Expenditure prioritisation decisions – robust & impartial evaluation of competing demands for limited investment resources
  • Regulatory compliance – identifying any Building Regulations compliance issues and planning the required remedial works.

Operationally, we advise clients on best-practice strategies to ensure long term Facilities Management efficiency, with a particular emphasis on effective procurement of service providers and implementation of appropriate contract arrangements; to ensure efficient and effective operations. Examples of relevant contract services include:

  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Cleaning & janitorial services
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Catering services / concessions
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