Development / Pre-project Advisory Services

We understand that the initial project decisions have the greatest influence on project success; our goal is to ensure our client can make these initial project decisions armed with accurate and appropriate information on project scope, total development cost, delivery programme & constraints, and a knowledge of the opportunities and risks associated the proposed project.

We help clients through the challenging first steps required to progress from an initial vision of the proposed outcome to a fully verified, scoped, and costed project, with a robust and achievable delivery plan. Depending on project size, complexity and funder requirements; these initial steps can vary from progressing through an informal feasibility process, through to detailed two stage appraisals.

  • Project appraisals – from high level appraisals to the structured two stage Project Appraisal processes required by the Public Spending Code / Capital Works Management Framework
  • Strategies for identifying and creating the appropriate Project Organisational structure; tailored to the nature of the project and the needs of the client.
  • Project Programmes – identify the critical project tasks, their durations and inter-dependencies, and constructing a robust project master programme.
  • Project procurement strategies – determining the appropriate procurement strategy to maximise value.
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