Socio Economic Impact Assessments

What is a Socio-Economic Impact Assessment?

A Socio-Economic Impact Assessment discusses the key issues likely to effect the population of an area in which there is proposed development. The potential impacts of a proposed development on the population and their surroundings are identified and analysed. The issues dealt with generally include population, employment, education, land-use, tourism and health and safety. The most up to date information regarding the population and general socio-economic data is sourced through the Central Statistics Office, as well as any documentation relevant to the subject site, including Local Area Plans and County Development Plans. For the most up to date facts and figures, local businesses and schools are often contacted.

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can complete socio-economic impact assessments for inclusion in Environmental Impact Statements or as stand alone reports where specifically required. Generally, these are for private clients, however, socio-economic statements are also prepared as background information in the preparation of Development Plans and/or Local Area Plans which can be carried out by McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan for public bodies and Local Authority clients.

Why do I need a Socio-Economic Impact Assessment?

The need for a Socio-Economic Impact Assessment arises in two ways through the planning process. In plan or strategy preparation (e.g. the preparation of a development plan/local area plan or Retail Strategy) for public bodies or master planning for significant sites for private clients a Socio-Economic Impact Assessment would be required to justify the policy/design approach being adopted.

For individual Planning Applications, frequently Local Authorities will require a Socio-Economic Impact Assessment to be provided to demonstrate the benefit of a proposed development to a locality in order to fully justify the proposal. This requirement can arise from specific zoning objectives in the relevant Local Area Plan/Development Plan or can be requested as further information in relation to a particular development. Socio-Economic assessments can also be used as part of a justification test

How much will a Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Cost?

Each Socio-Economic Impact Assessment is highly individual and relates specifically to the development proposed and/or the area studied. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can provide a detailed and competitive fee proposal individually per project.
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