EIA Screening

What is Environmental Impact Assessment Screening?

Screening is a process used to establish whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required as part of the planning process for a proposed development. There are a number of steps in the screening process. The most straightforward manner of screening is based on a review of legislation. The mandatory requirement for an EIA based on the nature or scale of a development, is addressed in EU Directive 85/337/EEC (as amended by Directive 97/11/EC) and also in the Road Regulations 1994, Section V. As there is sometimes a requirement for environmental impact assessments for 'sub-threshold' developments, it may be necessary to undertake a more formal screening exercise to assess whether the proposed development requires the preparation of an EIS. This screening exercise reviews the development under three main criteria:
1. Characteristics of the Proposed Development
2. Location of Proposed Development
3. Characteristics of Potential Impacts.

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can undertake this work for private or public clients, proposing large-scale private or public infrastructural projects.

Why does EIA Screening need to be carried out?

Screening should be carried out to ensure that any proposed project is being supported by the required documentation and studies. Failure to screen a proposed development could lead to substantial delays at best or an unfavourable decision issuing in relation to any proposed development. By screening a proposed project the overall timeframe for delivery can be adequately assessed and complications in the assessment process can be avoided.
How long does Screening take?

This will be dependent on the nature, scale and location of the project. Preliminary assessment based on legislative review can be carried out relatively quickly. In the event that the proposed development would constitute a “sub-threshold” development for which a Planning Authority may require EIA, pre-planning discussions would be necessitated which could prolong the process.

How much will Screening cost?

Each Screening exercise will be dependent on the complexity of the development proposal its nature, scale and location. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can provide a detailed and competitive fee proposal individually per project.
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