Water Supply & Sewage Schemes

McCarthy Keville & O’Sullivan have built up a wealth of experience in recent years in mitigating the environmental and ecological impacts of all aspects of water supply and sewerage scheme development. From initial site or pipeline selection reports, to construction supervision and acting as a liaison with government departments, McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can be a valuable project team member in any water supply or sewerage scheme project. The company’s experience ranges from single-scheme upgrades through to County-wide DBO projects involving dozens of schemes. Further examples of the projects covered by our range of services are outlined below.

How can we help you?

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan have been involved with projects such as water supply scheme projects, pipeline upgrade works, reservoirs, water treatment plants, pipeline river crossings, pump houses, intake pipelines, pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, sewerage networks, main drainage schemes and outfall pipes.

Services that we provide in this area include:

  • Ecological Surveys : Survey water supply or sewerage scheme route options to assess ecological value of various route options.
  • Preliminary Ecological Assessments : Assess the ecological value of a site or pipeline route pre-development to determine how much further surveying may be required.
  • Habitat Mapping : Map habitats along the route of a water supply or sewerage scheme to establish baseline data and assist in routing plans.
  • Bird Surveying : Survey routes or sites of water supply or sewerage schemes for bird species, that may be impacted by proposed works.
  • Bat Surveying : Survey buildings due to be demolished, trees or hedgerows due to be felled to find bat roosts, and remove protected species to safety under licence.
  • Crayfish Surveying & Relocations : Capture, identify and relocate this protected species under licence, where pipeline or other works are planned within or adjacent to suitable watercourses.
  • Electro fishing : Capture, identify and relocate fish under licence, where pipeline or other works are planned within or adjacent to suitable watercourses.
  • Site & Construction Supervision : Monitor site and construction operations to ensure environmental nuisances or pollution are not giving rise to potential project delays.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments : Assess the potential environmental impacts of your water supply or sewerage scheme projects and plan for the mitigation of identified impacts.
  • EIA Screening : Determine if a water supply or sewerage scheme project requires an Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments : Assess the environmental impacts of strategic water supply or sewerage scheme projects on a local, county or regional basis.
  • Environmental Monitoring : Monitor environmental factors such as water, noise and dust, to comply with planning requirements, or to ensure mitigation measures are operating as planned.
  • Water Quality Monitoring : Sample and analyse water samples to establish baseline prior to construction operations commencing, and to allow comparison analysis with samples taken during construction to determine if construction operations are affecting water quality.
  • Environmental Auditing : Assess compliance with planning or environmental conditions by means of regular site visits, and compliance reporting.
  • Risk Management Planning : Assess potential environmental risks associated with construction projects prior to commencement on a site-specific basis, to ensure effective mitigation.
  • Site Supervision & Construction Site Setup : Plan and supervise construction site setup and the installation of mitigation measures for water supply or sewerage scheme projects, including settlement ponds, silt fences, silt curtains, tree fences etc.
  • Construction Waste Management Plans : Plan for the management of waste that will arise during the construction phase of your water supply or sewerage scheme project, an increasingly common planning requirement.
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