Waste Management

Ireland has made significant progress in the area of waste recycling in recent years. Due to EU regulation it has become necessary to reform the way in which we mange our waste.
Lengthy delays in the planning process have had a huge impact on the timely delivery of key waste management infrastructure. Long delays in the planning process add to costs, risk for investors and is a major barrier to market entry, which ultimately reduces the provision of services, choice & competition in the market.

How can we help?

In the past McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan has provided environmental consultancy services to the waste industry. Projects that we have worked on include landfills, transfer stations, composting plans &smaller scale waste handling & sorting facilities. In addition to providing a number of services to assist projects through the planning process McCarthy Keville O’ Sullivan also work with operating facilities to monitor environmental performance & report to permitting or licensing authorities.

Services that we provide in this sector include:
  • Environmental Impact Assessments : Assess the potential environmental impacts of your waste facility project and plan for the mitigation of identified impacts. 
  • EIA Screening : Determine if your proposed waste facility development requires an Environmental Impact Assessment, before you are asked for one by your planning authority. 
  • Site & Construction Supervision : Monitor site operations to ensure environmental nuisances or pollution are not giving rise to potential project delays. 
  • Environmental Auditing : Assess compliance with planning or environmental conditions by means of regular site visits, and compliance reporting. 
  • Risk Management Planning : Assess potential environmental risks associated with the construction phase of your waste facility prior to commencement on a site specific basis, to ensure effective mitigation. 
  • Site Supervision & Construction Site Setup : Plan and supervise construction site setup and the installation of mitigation measures for land development projects, including settlement ponds, silt fences, silt curtains, tree fences etc. 
  • Construction Waste Management Plans : Plan for the management of waste that will arise during the construction phase of your waste facility project, an increasingly common planning requirement. 
  • Environmental Monitoring : Monitor all environmental emissions, including water, noise, dust, air, for good housekeeping or to prepare quarterly or incident reports for permitting or licensing authorities. 
  • Annual Environmental Reports : Compile, prepare and submit annual environmental reports to permitting or licensing authority.
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