McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan has developed a suite of services targeted specifically at the telecommunications industry.

How can we help?

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan offers nationwide services and has worked for all of the larger of Ireland’s telecommunications operations over the past eight years. This extensive level of experience, coupled with a unique understanding of the landscape & visual issues that often prove crucial to telecoms planning cases, has pushed our company to the forefront of this specialist area.

Whether your company is the dominant operator or a small project management company handling a planning application for an operator, McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan is the ideal project partner for your specialist reports, surveys & visual impact assessments.

Projects that McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan have completed in this area include: Monopoles, lattice towers, “birdcage” type monopoles, new builds, swop-out towers, tower upgrades, co-location projects and clustering proposals.

Services that we provide in this area include:
  • Visual Impact Assessments:  Assess the visual impact of a new telecommunications tower using photomontages and zone of visual influence maps. 
  • Photomontage Production:  Demonstrate how a new or replacement telecommunications tower will appear in the landscape through digital photomontages. 
  • ZVI Mapping: Determine the extent of the area in the surrounding area from which a telecommunications tower will be visible by means of ZVI maps. 
  • Property Surveys & Mapping:  Identify and map the number of dwellings within a specified distance from a proposed telecommunications tower site. 
  • Road & line of sight Surveys: Demonstrate that roadway exits from telecommunications sites comply with road safety and line of sight requirements. 
  • Topographical & Boundary Surveys: Survey telecommunications sites to delineate, set out or to resolve boundaries disputes. 
  • Ecological Impact Assessment : Assess the ecological impact of telecommunications towers proposed for sensitive ecological areas or within protected habitats.
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