McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan offer extensive services in providing environmental consultancy services to the industry & manufacturing sectors. We have worked across the full range of the industry operations, from large multi-national’s factories to smaller manufacturing operations. We can respond to queries & requests from local authorities on behalf of our clients & have the experience to be able to undertake the necessary work in a timely and cost effective manner. Industrial facilities can out-source their environmental monitoring requirements to McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan, with a specialist team capable of taking on all sampling, monitoring & reporting obligations.

Services that we provide in this area include:
  • Environmental Impact Assessments : Assess the potential environmental impacts of a industrial project and plan for the mitigation of identified impacts. 
  • Site & Construction Supervision : Monitor the construction operations of a manufacturing plant of industrial project to ensure works are not giving rise to environmental nuisances or pollution. 
  • EIA Screening : Determine if an industrial or manufacturing facility’s development project requires an Environmental Impact Assessment. 
  • Environmental Monitoring : Monitor environmental factors such as water, noise and dust, to comply with planning or operational requirements or EIS mitigation measure limits, or to ensure mitigation measures are operating as planned. 
  • Packaging Waste Audits : Quantify the extent of packaging waste produced in an industrial or manufacturing facility and placed on the market to determine if you are a Major Producer. 
  • REPAK Registrations & Reporting : Assist industrial or manufacturing facilities comply with Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations by means of assisting them through the Repak registration process. 
  • Environmental Monitoring : Monitor all environmental emissions, including water, noise, dust, air, for good housekeeping or to prepare quarterly or incident reports for permitting or licensing authorities. 
  • Annual Environmental Reports : Compile, prepare and submit annual environmental reports to permitting or licensing authority.
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