Environmental Clerk of Works (ECoW) – ESB Networks’ Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) Requirements

MKO are currently acting as the Environmental Clerk of Work (ECoW) for a number of clients on wind farm, water pipe installation, electricity cable laying and various other projects around the country. Our team comprises experienced ECoW professionals including Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) certified environmental scientists and construction management professionals. It has recently become a requirement of ESB Networks that a CEnv professional provides oversight for the installation of some underground electricity cables including those for wind farm developments. In practice, the CEnv professional should have input into the construction methods and proposed mitigation measures and must oversee and ’sign-off’ on the installation being carried out without any impacts on the environment.

In general, the ECoW role has evolved over the past number of years to potentially encompass a much wider range of tasks required for the successful completion of construction projects. This includes the usual oversight of the implementation of mitigation measures but can also include more of a planning compliance manager role. The responsibilities of the ECoW role in recent projects include environmental monitoring and construction supervision based on the requirements of the mitigation and monitoring proposals as outlined in the Environmental Impact Statement, Construction & Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) and various other documents submitted during the planning process. This includes the installation and management of continuous turbidity monitors (SONDES) which are crucial to the water monitoring regime for any significant construction project. The role also includes responsibility for reporting to developers in relation to the compliance status of the overall project. This responsibility includes acting as an expert and issuing directions to the developers to ensure necessary actions are taken by the Developers to ensure the Project remains in substantial compliance with the Planning Permissions and/or the Related Planning Requirements. 

For further information with regards the Environmental and/or Ecological Clerk of Works services, please contact Owen Cahill on 091 735611 or ocahill@mccarthykos.ie

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