Land Development Agency

The Government recently launched the Land Development Agency (LDA) as part of the next step of Project Ireland 2040.  The LDA will have two main functions:

  • Coordinating appropriate State lands for regeneration and development, opening up key sites which are not being used effectively for housing delivery; and
  • Driving strategic land assembly, working with both public and private sector land owners to smooth out peaks and troughs of land supply, stabilising land values and delivering increased affordability.

It has an initial pipeline of State land which is capable of delivering 10,000 homes, with 3,000 of those homes on lands which have already been secured. The Agency is already in the process of expanding its portfolio.

 The Government has committed €1.25 billion of funding that will be deployed in the assembly of land and the building of homes.  John Coleman has been appointed CEO of the Land Development Agency and is quoted recently saying: “The agency can deliver as early as 2020 from its initial portfolio, notwithstanding that significant planning and preparatory work on sites must be completed in this timeframe”.  Some of the sites earmarked by the LDA are the Central Mental Hospital in Dublin, areas in Skerries, Balbriggan and Naas, St Kevin’s Hospital in Cork, Columb Barracks in Mullingar and Dyke Road Galway.

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