Fundamental Review of Biodiversity of Killarney National Park

McCarthy Keville O'Sullivan (MKO) have recently been awarded the contract for completing a fundamental review of the biodiversity of Killarney National Park.

This will involve a thorough review of the ecological status of the National Park. It will include collation and assessment of all known biological records and information, details of tourist and commercial activity with their related pressures. It will also investigate the management of the park, past, present and future. This information will provide the ecological baseline of biodiversity within the park. MKO will use this information, in close conjunction with the National Parks and Wildlife Service and other stakeholders, to make recommendations and to provide options for future investigation, management and sustainable use and development.

The review will be undertaken in line with international best practice and will be equivalent to similar reviews undertaken in national parks across the globe. It is intended that this will be as comprehensive an assessment of biodiversity within Killarney National Park as has ever been undertaken. The review and presentation of recommendations and management options will be undertaken in line with the international Convention on Biological Diversity. 

It is intended that this will be a landmark project of international standing and MKO are keen to make a start on this prestigious project.

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