Dublin City Council publishes Ireland’s first Invasive Species Action Plan

Dublin City Council recently published its new Invasive Alien Species (IAS) Action Plan (2016-2020). This is the first IAS Action Plan to be produced by any Local Authority in Ireland.

The main aims of the Plan are to control and reduce the spread of existing IAS, and to prevent any new IAS from establishing in the city. IAS are animals and plants that are introduced accidently or deliberately into a natural environment where they are not normally found. Their introduction can have serious negative consequences for the new environment.

The Plan highlights specific flora and fauna that are IAS and explains what the public should do if they encounter them. There are seventeen legally-designated species of IAS currently known to be present in Dublin City. The Plan includes specific responsibilities for contractors working for Dublin City Council. These include requirements for recording of any invasive alien species found on site, for transport of soils, disposal of material and for site management. There are also requirements for planning applications, and the Council has been including specific planning conditions for IAS management plans since 2011. Designated invasive plants and animals are listed in the European Communities Regulations 2011. It is now against the law to sell, propagate or spread these species.

To view the Invasive Alien Species Action Plan go to: http://bit.ly/IAS_Plan

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