New Online Map Viewers

Two new ecology-related online web-based map viewers have recently been published, which might be of interest to anyone with land development, conservation or tourism development ambitions, amongst others.

The first has been released by the National Biodiversity Data Centre (NBDC), and is a national portal that compiles biodiversity data from multiple sources and makes it freely available on-line. It provides an overview of the state of knowledge on the distribution of Ireland's biodiversity from empirical observations, collected by organisations and individuals, from both the private and public sectors. It serves both as a portal to access biodiversity data published as open data, and as a shop window to display other existing sources of data on Ireland's biodiversity. All of the data mapped on Biodiversity Maps has been verified and validated, so that it can serve as a trustworthy source of high quality data on Ireland's biodiversity. As well as an updated map viewer, the redesigned website provides easy access to datasets and species lists and reporting tools. The new web-portal can be found at

The second is a map viewer for bryophytes that are protected by Flora Protection Orders. The Flora (Protection) Order, 2015 (S.I. No. 356 of 2015) gives legal protection to 65 species of bryophytes in the Republic of Ireland (25 liverworts and 40 mosses). The map viewer maps single coordinates for each Taxon Site. A Taxon Site is defined as an assemblage of all the records for a particular taxon at a particular place (as there may have been several sightings of a taxon at roughly the same place, made by different people, and on different occasions over the years). The coordinate might be the most accurate and most recent record at a Taxon Site, or it might be the best guess for sites where a taxon hasn’t been seen for many years. Each Taxon Site also has an individual PDF document, containing basic information on the taxon threat status, location (grid reference, vice-county), recorder name and date, OS Discovery map, management and conservation recommendations and a descriptive extract from Rare and Threatened Bryophytes of Ireland. Over 300 Taxon Sites have recent survey data and more accurate information is available for these, including field data sheets, GPS coordinates, aerial photographs, site maps and site photographs. The bryophyte project map and data resources can be found at the following link:

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