Updated Ecological Survey Calendar

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan have updated our Ecological Survey Calendar. The calendar outlines the optimal times of year to carry out some of the ecological surveys we provide. Undertaking surveys within suitable periods limits the potential for delays. This calendar has been updated in line with the latest survey guidelines and scientific literature.

Contact us for more information on ecological surveys.

The calendar has been prepared in line with the following sources:

  • Margaritifer margaritifera Stage 1 and Stage 2 survey guidelines. Irish Wildlife Manuals No. 12. (Anon, 2004)
  • Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists: Good Practice Guidelines (3rd edn) (Collins, 2016)
  • Bat Survey Good Practice Guidelines (2nd edn) (Hundt, 2012)
  • Guidelines on Protection of Fisheries During Construction Works in and Adjacent to Waters (IFI, 2016)
  • Monitoring the EU protected Geomalacus maculosus (Kerry Slug): what are the factors effecting catch returns in open and forested habitats? (Johnston et al. 2016)
  • Marsh Fritillary Butterfly Habitat Surveys. NIEA Specific Requirements (NIEA, 2011)
  • Marsh Fritillary Butterfly Surveys. NIEA Specific Requirements (NIEA, 2011)
  • Guidelines for the Treatment of Badgers Prior to the Construction of National Road Schemes (NRA, 2006)
  • Guidelines for the Treatment of Otters Prior to the Construction of National Road Schemes (NRA, 2008)
  • Ecological Surveying Techniques for Protected Flora and Fauna during the Planning of National Road Schemes (NRA, 2009)
  • Best Practice Guidance for Habitat Survey and Mapping. Guidance Document from The Heritage Council (Smith et al. 2010)
  • A Technical Manual for Monitoring White-clawed Crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in Irish Lakes. Irish Wildlife Manuals No 45. (Reynolds et al. 2010)

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