Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) – MKO Capabilities

An ecological clerk of works (EcoW) supervises construction activities in ecologically sensitive areas. The overseeing brief is intended to ensure that construction works follow a pre-determined methodology designed to prevent impacts on ecologically sensitive areas. MKO have experience in the preparation of site specific environment construction method statements and have in house expertise to provide advice and guidance to clients in the both the private and public sector.

The requirement for ECoW services is often stipulated in planning documentation and consent conditions. On site presence can be permanent or periodical during the course of a construction/maintenance projects and depends on the sensitivity and nature of the proposed works and existing environment. The ECoW role requires a qualified individual with experience, good communication skills and a practical/logical approach to dealing with issues that arise during works but were not foreseen. MKO ECoW staff have extensive experience and should it be necessary to deviate from a pre-agreed methodology, MKO staff can respond on the ground to changing site conditions and propose alternative mitigation measures to ensure a project can stay on schedule without causing negative ecological impacts.

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan have supervised the following types of project:

  • Windfarm developments
  • National road projects
  • Invasive species removal and eradication (Under NPWS Licence)
  • Flood Relief Schemes
  • Drainage Maintenance Schemes
  • Water Scheme Upgrades
  • Works in proximity to E.U. protected areas (SACs)
  • Translocation of protected species (Under NPWS Licence)
  • Bat roost removal and replacement (Under NPWS Licence)

If you wish to speak to a member of our team regarding a project requiring ECoW services or the preparation of Environment Construction Method Statements please contact Laoise Kelly or Pat Roberts in our Ecology Team. Laoise has a wide range of experience and has worked on projects both in the private and public sector nationwide.

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