Draft Northern & Western Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy expected in September

In October 2017, the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government directed that the three Regional Assemblies commence the preparation of the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSES) for their individual regions, as a replacement to the Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022.

In relation to the Northern & Western RSES, a pre-draft consultation was undertaken between November 2017 and mid-February 2018 and an issues paper was issued as part of that consultation. A report on the submissions received was prepared for the Members of the Regional Assembly and it is available on the NWRA website. During this consultation, focused stakeholder workshops were undertaken and a report in respect of that consultation is also available on the NWRA website.

Members of the Regional Assembly considered the report of the Director in respect of the abovementioned consultation and it was agreed to proceed with the preparation of a Draft RSES.  It is currently being advanced and late September is being targeted to adopt the draft RSES for publication. The opening of this consultation shall be advertised via newspaper, social media and on the NWRA website. 

A Metropolitan Area Strategic Plan shall also be prepared for five cities, including Galway, and it shall form part of the RSES. Their purpose is to provide high level long term strategic development focus on areas such as the identification of strategic growth areas, infrastructure (particularly transport and water services), regeneration, the location of housing and employment and metropolitan scale amenities such as regional parks and cycle networks.

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