New record-breaking year for Danish wind power

2015 was another record-breaking year for Danish wind energy. Overall, the country’s wind turbines generated what corresponds to 42 per cent of the total Danish electricity consumption – the highest figure ever, and the highest proportion for any country in the world. In 2014, the figure was 39 per cent – also a world record.

These figures are based on even more remarkable figures, illustrating that the Danish and European energy systems are undergoing massive changes, and that renewable energy will change the way the electricity systems are operated.

For 1,460 hours of the year's 8,760 hours, the western part of the Danish electricity system (DK1) produced more wind power than the total consumption in Western Denmark. Hours with wind power production exceeding consumption is not in itself unusual, but the fact that the entire region is now generating surplus power 16 per cent of the time, illustrates how the Western Danish power grid benefit from imports and exports across borders to an even greater extent.

Wind power share of power electricity consumption over past 10 years

Overall, the Danish wind power production exceeded the total Danish electricity consumption for 409 hours in 2015. One of the main reason for 2015 being a record year is that it was a very windy year compared to 2014, which from a wind perspective, was a normal year. Conversely, two offshore wind farms, Anhold and Horns Reef 2, were out of operation for one a two months respectively, due to cable faults. Excluding these cable faults, the wind power share would have been approximately 43.5%.



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