Draft Plan for Galway City’s Future

We have been keeping readers updated on Galway City Council’s progress with preparing a new Development Plan for the City for the period 2017-2023. We can now advise that the Council has just published a draft of the new Plan. This is the main phase of public consultation for the new Plan as it allows the public to comment on a full draft of the new Plan, including the Written Statement, zoning maps and associated documents.

The draft Plan sets out all the planning policies and objectives, including land use zoning, for the entire City area. The associated documents also include supporting environmental assessments, including in relation to flood risk and impact on European ecological sites. In addition, the Council has taken to opportunity to propose additions to the Record of Protected Structures and these also form part of the draft Plan documentation.

The draft Plan and supporting documents are available for inspection and written submissions up to Friday 11th March 2016. Following this public consultation period, the Council’s Chief Executive Officer will prepare a report on all submission and will provide a recommendation on each one. It will then be up to the Councillors to decide the details of the final Plan. In this regard, any material changes proposed from the draft Plan will then be subject to further public consultation before the new City Development Plan is finalised and adopted. The final City Development Plan will be adopted by the Councillors by January 2017.

There are full details on the draft Plan and supporting documents on the City Council’s website. This also includes details of upcoming public information sessions and drop-in clinics.

This is a key stage in the Development Plan process and it is important to take the opportunity to have your say if you are interested in planning matters in the City. Please contact us at McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan if you would like professional advice on the draft Plan or assistance with making a written submission.

Remember - the closing date for receipt of written submissions/observations 4pm on Friday 11th March 2016.

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