Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung based on our ecology field surveys over the past month! Frogs have been recorded in high numbers moving towards their spawning grounds and our surveyors have identified frogspawn on sites during recent days. With the change of season, hibernating species have started to make a move from their winter homes signalled by increasing sightings of Badger activity around the country. The bird breeding season officially starts on the 1st of March and runs to the 31st of August (Wildlife Act (1976, as amended 2000)). The male starlings on the office window ledges have certainly been practicing their mating songs over the past week! Don’t forget, if you’re planning to cut vegetation in the coming months, there may be restrictions under Section 22 and Section 40 of the relevant legislation to what can be completed. Whilst many activities are exempted, it is advisable to avoid the cutting of vegetation which may support breeding birds as best practice and to always confirm that your planned works are exempted, if avoidance is not possible. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan can provide guidance in best practice measures and restrictions under the legislation. The invasive species Japanese Knotweed has also been spotted sprouting on some sites. If you are concerned about this species spreading on your site during the coming growing season, we have in-house specialists who can provide advice on best practice management and eradication methods suitable for your needs.

Yesterday the twig was brown and bare;

To-day the glint of green is there:”

LH Bailey

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