Bat Survey Season Approaching

The optimal survey season for manual bat detector surveys starts at the beginning of April and continues until the end of October. As the presence of bat roosts on a proposed development site may have a significant bearing on the potential for the development of a site, it is important that this aspect of bat activity is covered in any manual bat detector survey which can include surveys to detect bat presence and activity in addition to the presence of roosts. 

Planning ahead for any potential bat surveys required is of the utmost importance, as adverse weather conditions can delay the completion of surveys for long periods. In addition, where bats are found to be using a site, further survey work may need to be scheduled to ascertain the level of bat usage at the site and therefore planning initial surveys as early as possible in the survey season is advisable. McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan Ltd. have the capabilities to complete bat detector surveys, including fixed recorder surveys, which are especially useful on remote or expansive sites and are being requested more frequently as part of planning applications and conditions. 

Please contact us for further information on bat survey work carried out by McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan Ltd.

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