Revised Renewable Energy Directive

The European Commission published a proposal for a revised Renewable Energy Directive on 30th November to make the EU a global leader in renewable energy and ensure that the target of at least 27% renewables in the final energy consumption in the EU by 2030 is met. The provisions are adapting the framework for renewable energy development to the 2030 perspective, provide certainty and predictability

to investors and address the potential of renewable energy in a number of sectors.

The proposal identifies six key areas for action:

  1. Creating an enabling framework for further deployment of renewables in the Electricity Sector;
  2. Mainstreaming renewables in the Heating and Cooling Sector;
  3. Decarbonising and diversifying the Transport Sector;
  4. Empowering and informing consumers;
  5. Strengthening the EU sustainability criteria for bioenergy;
  6. Making sure the EU level binding target is achieved on time and in a cost effective way.

A briefing note published to coincide with the revised directive states that by 2030, half of European electricity should be renewable. The share of renewable electricity has already increased up to 29%, and accounts for over 85% of Europe’s generation investments.

The revised directive includes general principles that Member States should follow when designing support schemes. While providing visibility and certainty to investors, support schemes must be cost-effective and market oriented.

The aim is to ensure their stability, bring down the costs of deploying renewables and further Europeanise renewables policy.

The revised Directive also simplifies administrative procedures and reinforces local acceptance of projects through:

  • a one-stop-shop and a time limit for the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) permit granting process (similarly to TEN-E Regulation);
  • a simple notification procedure to facilitate repowering of existing renewables plants and small scale projects.

The Briefing Note published to summarise the Revised Renewable Directive at a glance can be found here:

The full text of the Revised Renewable Directive can be found here:

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