Issues Papers published for Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies

On Tuesday 21st November, each of the three Regional Planning Authorities commenced the consultation process for their respective regions on the forthcoming Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSES), which will replace the current Regional Planning Guidelines (RPGs). The publication of the Issues Papers for each region follows the publication of the draft of The National Planning Framework (NPF) – Ireland 2040 by the Department of Housing Planning and Local Government, which will replace the former National Spatial Strategy (NSS).

The RSES is a strategic plan which identifies regional assets, opportunities and pressures and provides appropriate policy responses and at this strategic level, it puts in place policies and recommendations that will manage regional planning and economic development throughout the region.

The Issues Papers have been designed to provide members of the public and all interested parties an overview of some of the main planning issues that affect each region, and provide the opportunity to submit comments and suggestions on topics that are relevant to the RSES.

The RSES Issues Papers have been published on the website of each regional authority and written submissions for this first stage must be submitted to the relevant regional authority by Friday 26th January 2018 at 5 pm.

The Issues papers can be found at each of the following websites:

Northern and Western Regional Assembly

Eastern and Midlands Regional Assembly

Southern Regional Assembly

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