Anaerobic Digestion Policy Update

Working Group 2 of the draft Bioenergy Plan, co-ordinated by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, has recently commissioned a detailed assessment of the potential for biogas and biomethane deployment within Ireland.  This is with a view to informing future policy on the support of biogas and biomethane deployment.
In completing this study, it is intended to examine a variety of deployment pathways including the use of biogas in the production of electricity and/or heat, use as a fuel in the transport sector, and upgrading to biomethane for injection into the Natural Gas Grid for use in heating or in the transport sector.  It will examine both farm based systems and waste based systems. 
Element Energy is currently supporting DCCAE in a study on An Economic Analysis of a Renewable Heat Incentive for Ireland.  This study will have a draft proposal in September for the Minister Naughten to consider. 

The Working Group 2 study runs in parallel with the Element Energy Study and it also will have a draft proposal on RHI for biogas in September.  The rest of the study will continue after September.
A public consultation process on the proposals will start in October.

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) have started the state aid process for Renewable Heat Incentive for the bioenergy sector (biomass).


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