Pat Roberts

Position: Project Ecologist
Qualifications: BTEC National Diploma Countryside Management & BSc Ecology (Hons) Environmental Science

Patrick Roberts joined McCarthyKOS (then Keville & O'Sullivan Associates) in 2005 following completion of a B.Sc. in Environmental Science. Prior to joining the company, Patrick had worked extensively in Ireland, the USA and UK as a tree surveyor, having previously worked with The National Trust in Cornwall for three years.

He also has over five years practical conservation experience working both as a volunteer and employee in National Parks in Texas, Utah and at Exmoor National Park in the UK. Patrick has worked as project manager and ecologist on over 150 ecological assessments completed by the company to date, including a wide range of work within sensitive ecological areas.

Patrick has extensive experience of on-site supervision of construction and civil engineering works and has worked closely with construction personnel at the set up stage of construction sites in the design systems to prevent environmental damage.

Patrick's key areas of expertise are:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Ecological Survey including Mammal Surveys
  • Site Supervision & Mitigation
  • Tree surveys &Woodland Management
  • Invasive Species Control specialist

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